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“Without love of the land, conservation lacks meaning and purpose, for only in a deep and inherent feeling for the land can there be dedication in preserving it.”

— Sigurd F. Olson

In keeping with our original mission, Prairiewood contains nearly 500 acres of native tallgrass prairie ecology. From majestic riparian forests lining Wildcat Creek to windswept grassy hilltops, the landscape here is unique in both its diversity and its scope. The Flint Hills region of Kansas is the largest remaining contiguous stand of what was once a vast and ancient prairie stretching from Texas to Canada. And nowhere are the Flint Hills more beautiful than right here in our own backyard. It is a very special place; one well worth preserving.

A critical part or that preservation effort is to increase access and use of the natural treasure that is all around us. Offering just that, Walnut Pond is a secluded, landscaped pond area located in a clearing and surrounded by native tallgrass prairie. Walnut trees surround much of the area and provide shade throughout the day. Ideal for small outdoor gatherings and general recreation, it is available to all guests of Prairiewood for common use. Ideal for picnicking and general leisure, it offers open space, trails for walking, and a small sand beach for play. And its beautifully kept grounds afford hours of group play and activities.

Walnut Pond in Autumn